Infinite Flight Crashing

I’m wandering if there’s a reason I crashed. I was on final on RWY 7R at EDDF (Frankfurt) about 20 or so seconds before landing (IF Live) when I pressed the ‘+’ button to zoom in to the map in the mini map on the HUD and Infinite Flight crashed as soon as I pressed the button. Is this just a random app crash or what, wanting to make sure there’s not a issue or bug since it’s quite annoying especially after a 9h flight.

Happens sometimes with iOS devices, due to a memory leak in the iOS system.

@emil the OP never specified which device or operating system he was using. Always best to try and get as much information first.

@FiniteFlying first of all, have you checked this topic?

Could you clarify which device you are using and what operating system.

Secondly, has this issue occured before? Or is this the first time you’ve had the issue?

Hey there!

This is what philippe had said about the crashing issues on 19.4 :) We just have to be patient and wait for a workaround for this general issue.

You’re jumping to conclusions too quickly. We don’t know if this is related to the 19.4 crashes, it could simply be an isolated event. Best to get more information before we say “this is what’s happening” 😉

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It’s an iPad Air 2, up to date with updates and it’s never happened before.

I have an Air 2 as well, I do experience crashes especially on final. What works for me is to turn down the graphics to medium and aircraft count to low.

Ok, for the time being, I would assume it is related to the 19.4 crashes, but as this is the first time it’s ever happened to you I don’t think it’s the case.
I would attempt another flight and see if you have a similar issue. It could just be that zooming on the map was enough to crash the flight, not that I’ve ever heard that being an issue.

Do you typically experience any kind of lag or stuttering when flying?

Not really mid air but on the ground with other aircraft in IF live I do experience lag.

Understandably, your device is a few years old. If you play with high graphics and a high aircraft count it’s best to reduce them down when coming in to land at an airport, especially if it’s busy.

If the issue happens again I reckon it’s safe to assume that it’s related to the 19.4 crashes, however as this is the first time it’s happened to you, it’s not completely abnormal for an app to freeze or crash, especially on an older device 🤷