Infinite Flight crashing?

I was about to land in my Dash-8 after flying around for about 1:30 and about 11 miles away from touch down my app just closed. I didn’t get any XP or flight time from that flight. Has this happened to anybody else? How do I fix this?

What device?

Please be specific :)

Dash 8 so it has to be latest

Im on an Iphone 5 on the latest update

Maybe, because the phone is older, you don’t have a lot of space on it … That’s why it’s crashing

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Nope, iPhone 5 should have no problems. Try lowering your graphics or restart your device.

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probably. I guess ill just stick to shorter flights

Always make sure you clear device of any other Apps that may be running in the background before you log on IF.

Also finally someone that likes REAL Football 😜


Ill make sure I do that and yea football I love that sport :)


What airport were you flying too?

I’m guessing an airport in Amsterdam …

Anyway, @Ryan.p, were you flying in solo, or live?

Its a know issue. Close every background app and reduce the quality of everything to low, with the exception of the aircraft, which should be left on medium (if you care about them being shiny).
Leave the box that limits the framerate unchecked, it may help (if you lag).

I was live in the Southern California region. I took off from San Diego in a Dash-8. I just flew around for about an hour then started an approach at Palm Springs then when I was about 11 miles out the app crashed.

Don´t fly on SoCal for more than an hour on Live. Due to the amount of people there, your game will crash. Check and activate the “Hide Airplane Names” and “Hide Airplane Dots” boxes, and put the “Airplane Count” on low. It will help.

Okay thanks!

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