Infinite Flight Crashing

I was flying the Delta Airlines A350 from KJFK( John F. Kennedy) to RJTT(Tokyo Haneda) and it was about a 14 hour flight. I was on final and the app crashed!! I was wondering how I can prevent this. Please let me know, thank you!

Make sure your graphic settings are at the lowest possible. This will save battery life and device memory. The app shouldn’t crash if there is enough memory.

Hi there. This is a known issue on ios devices with 1 or 2 gb. You can find more information regarding this issue over here:

Here is also laura’s response and what you should do for the time being until a fix is found:

Answer is here. There’s a new 19.4 section on this matter on the topic I linked.

This happened to me this morning after a 12 hour flight to Doha from Philadelphia, there’s really nothing you can do besides clearing storage and lowering graphic settings

When I reduce graphic settings will the graphics on the planes not be as good?

This is a known issue and is mentioned in the FAQ as well as many other topics. Please use the steps listed above until a resolution is in place.