Infinite Flight Crashing

I just updated IF to 19.4 on my iphone x, but for some reason the app just keeps crashing. I have restarted my phone several times, and I have also deleted the app and reinstalled it. Despite doing those things, I am still having crashing issues. Is anyone else having these issues?

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Does the crash occur only once you spawn into a Live server? That is, if you have Live

No, I cant even get into the app.

Christian, can you force close Infinite Flight first and then restart Infinite Flight then try launching again? I’m afraid it sounds like something is getting hung up.

I can’t even do that. I select the app, see the loading screen, then i get kicked out back to my home page

I meant can you back out of the app and remove it from running in the background. Once you do that then power down your device and reboot.

can’t do that either

I just did a reset of my phone, and now the app is working. tested it, and it seems to work fine. Thanks for all the help

Reboot or reset to factory settings?

complete reboot

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