Infinite flight crashing

I’ve been experiencing lots of crashes on the sim today. Every time I try to load into an airport, the app crashes. If the app doesn’t crash while loading into an airport, the app will crash during takeoff or taxi. This is extremely annoying and I’ve tried restarting the app and freeing up device memory.


IPhone 7
iOS 13
41 GBs of used storage
Stable internet connection
No apps running in the background

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Hello! I would begin with the steps here:

Note to others who have been replying but I’ve deleted posts from;

The reason is for deleting then was that you did not read the post, provided false information or just repeated what i said.


I’ve disabled anti-aliasing and tried lowering textures but the app continues to crash. I have plenty of storage available on my phone. Not sure why this is an issue now instead of earlier.

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Have you tried to simply restart your device? You never mentioned that.

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I’ve hard rebooted my device and it seems to be working now. Thanks!