Infinite flight crashing

I play my beloved infinite flight game on an IPad mini 1, but whenever I’m in a crowed airspace ( this happens almost always at KLAX) infinite flight will crash. Because of this I have to avoid KLAX at ALLTIMES. So instead of flying from KLAX to KSAN, I have to now fly from KNUC to KSAN (Not preferred, but KNUC is ok). Is there a way I can fix it? Any answer is good, no matter how crazy (even if it means getting a new iPad)

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I have the same problem I also have the iPad mini 1 so it probably means getting a new device

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Yeah… maybe

Try lowering your setting on how much aircraft you can see to “Low” which is in the “Live” section of the settings. If that doesn’t work, you need to get a newer device.


Oh! I have it set on high right now, I’ll definitely try lowering that when I play later.

This happens to me to. Once when I was going to approach KLAX my Ipad 2 crashed.

Agreed. Yes IF will look ugly but that’s the price you have to pay.


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OMG! Thanks so much! I set the amount of aircraft that I could view to low, and the lag was so low, I stayed in the pattern!

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Your welcome :)