Infinite flight crashing when switching dark theme

Hey, I am using Samsung A8 2018 with the lastest OneUI version available and the problem is that when I am switching to the dark mode or back when running infinite flight, it stops working. Can developers please fix this in the future update?

I believe this happens on all android devices and is because it has to reboot itself in some way and configure the screen all over again!
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Please do correct me if I am wrong…

Hey, thanks for getting in touch about this.

Are you changing to dark mode whilst Infinite Flight is running, or is it crashing after you’ve changed to dark mode?


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s/he says when IF is running.
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It crashes while I am in infinite flight when changing dark mode or bright mode in notification panel

Infinite flight just stops responding after pressing that dark mode button in notifications panel

Thanks for the info! I’ll note the issue internally and we’ll look into fixing it in a future update


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