Infinite flight crashing when I open app

Earlier today when I left on a long haul from San Diego to London Heathrow I took a nap. When I woke up my IPad was off. I turned it on and went the the app and the app crashed when I tried to launch the app. I deleted it and tried it again and still didn’t work. I restarted my IPad and tried it too but still didn’t work. I need help because I just bought the subscription and it would be a waste of money if I can’t do anything.

Welcome Chairman Kim!

If it’s possible, would you please leave us your device model, graphics settings as well as any other information which you think may be relevant to us helping you? This would help us greatly in trying to solve any issues that you may be facing.


Hello Chairman of the People’s Workers party, KIM JONG IL!

Welcome to the Infinite flight community. As @LordWizrak said, may we have any specific details about the device?

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I have fixed the problem by deleting and restarting the game 6 times. Thank you for trying to help me!

Thank You, Eternal Leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong Il


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