Infinite Flight crashing on longer flights (iOS Device)

So just the other day I was flying a long 8.5 hour flight. As I came to a final approach the app crashed. Sad and a little disappointed the first thing that I did was come to IFC to see if their are any answers and I thought that I have found all the answers that I need. as I started going through all of the suggestions that were on the list of things to do, the app still crashed. I have done everything and more on that list and found it to be no help. Is their any other solutions to this problem. I am running on a ipad mini 2 on ios 11.2. Should I try and get some more memory to clear up some space. I’m helpless and clueless. ( This only happens on flights longer that 3 hours for some reason) Thanks a lot!! Sorry for all the questions.


We have a hot fix that should address this issue that is being reviewed by Apple. It should take a day or 2 at most.


Ok, thank you. Just wanted to ask!

Great to hear a hotfix will come soon this happened on approach after a twelve hour flight and I nearly had it happen yesterday in a group flight when the app started lagging majorly.

Lag is most likely something else. Hide the minimap if you haven’t done it yet, it can help. We will continue hunting those stability and performance problems.


Would not running Infinite Pax and Flight Assist in the back ground help with the lag too?

Thank you, I have tried hiding the minimap but I think I figured the problem out.

No idea, we usually do not test with those on. You might want to try.

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Ugh… My flight from France to Italy just crashed on descent. Disappointing.


On long haul flights I usually turn my brightness all the way down Put the graphics on low and turn off Anti-Aliasing. It seems to work fine for me.

My flight from JFK to Singapore crashed an hour outside of landing. This isn’t the first time either. Lax to Japan crashed, and Mia to Sydney crashed as well. All ruffly close to my destination.

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That might be because they are busy airports which causes an overload. Have you tried turning down your aircraft count?

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I’m going to try that today. I’m going to try the same flight again

It just crashed again. I had my settings on the lowest possible. Lax to Dubai. 45 min before touchdown and it crashed. What’s going on. This is the 5th time

What’s your device? Try flying into empty airports

It does the same thing on a I pad pro. I flew from CYYZ to BIKF and this is what happens. Loose live connection! Haven’t had a successful landing in days…

If you click on the symbol, which was the red one? The server, account, weather etc.?

Live connect and does this all of the time…

post hotfix I have had no troubles. Know I really don’t no what if happening.

The live connection thing happens to me too, big it seems to fix itself. Try landing at an airport with little traffic.