Infinite Flight Crashing On Long Haul

This is when I’m trying to enjoy with the new A350 from EGLL to WMKK and by the time the flight reaches around 7 to 10 hours, it crashes. I’ve tried almost everything from resetting, checking the GB, delete as much storage to almost having 20.7 GB, reinstalling, even to the point of resetting to factory settings and it still crashes despite trying almost all solution. (iPad is a 5th generation) (I have tried attempting this flight for almost 8 times with crashing still happening atm). Please help for any suggestions for this weird issue.


This was documented in the Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting! thread.

Please follow the discussion in this thread for more information.


I’ve tried the power and home button method, basically everything. Is there a way to have the solution fixed before my subscription ends?

What device are you on? It comes down to limiting background apps to prevent resource spikes.

No ETA has been given for a fix.

what are graphic settings? and like chris asked what device are you on?

Like I said, it’s a 5th generation iPad and my graphics was high by only resolution and quality.

It’s an 5th generation iPad and iPad only.

It’s an iOS memory/RAM leak sort of thing that causes these crashes. We don’t know when the hotfix will come so it’s just praying and patience. To at least let the crashes happen less often, put your graphics all the way down, close any background apps, do a fresh restart of your device before your flights, turn the brightness down, et cetera. Do most of these things until we get a fix.


None of the graphic settings should be on high and that’ll fix the problem

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Alright, thanks for letting me know!

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Nope, that dosn’t help either

If you prefer, keep your settings at medium, turn limit frame rate on, have anti-aliasing on, and disable any background apps. Finally, restart your device before every flight. IF on my iPad mini 4 has been working fine since doing this.