Infinite flight crashing on logo loading screen

Okay so I start up Infinite Flight, it crashes almost instantly. I have 4.4GB of storage and I’ve uninstalled it and restarted my device but nothing works.

Hudl 2

EDIT: uninstalled and reinstalled about 3 times but it still doesn’t work.

EDIT 2: I uninstalled and restarted then reinstalled but nothing happened. Still the same

Did you try fiddling with the graphics settings as well?

I can’t, it crashes before I get to the menu. I know before that the graphics were all on low, anti analysing was off and limit frame rate was on

Oh, to avoid confusion you could rename the topic to “Infinite Flight crashes on IF Logo Screen” or something. I thought you meant it was crashing before you start a flight.

Restart your device then reinstall. Tick if this solution works for you 😉. I tried it after having a similar issue and it fixed the issue.

Dont you really see that he mentioned that it didnt work?



Why do I even try…

He never mentioned anything about restarting the device. Ok, it worked for me so I just wanted to help in a spirit of brotherhood.

Actually I did mention…

Please install new update from today, this help me today morning.

I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. I hope you get a solution soon

I’ve uninstalled the app, when you install that it automatically installs the newest update

I haven’t seen any newer update on iOS since the hot fix last week.

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Improvement. I just tried it now. I got a small glimpse of the menu before it crashed

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If you had everything on low before, then maybe your device just can’t run the game.

How old is your device? Have you tried backing up your data then a factory reset?

It’s very old. I’m buying the iPad 2017 in a couple of months so this is merely a temporary fix that I want

You could try backing everything up and then reset it to factory settings. It’s worth a shot for the time being.

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I did and it didn’t work. I sent Laura a message and she’s helping me from there for now

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