Infinite flight Crashing on LG G6

I reticently bought global after the update came out but i haven’t completed a single flight due to the game always crashing randomly, no matter how low I lower the graphic settings. I’ve installed the latest Android version which is Android 7.0 and the latest update for IF on Android but I’m still having problems with my game crashing I’ve even deleted and install the game but still the same problem i even factory reset my phone but the game keeps crashing. If there’s any solution out there please let me know because I might get the game refunded if this continues i also meet all the requirements to run IF

He already tried that ;)


Can you check to see how much storage you have available and do you have any background apps running such as Facebook, Instagram, email…?

As Chris said this may be caused by lack of available RAM. I also had this issue which resulted in my game crashing, but I solved it.

  1. Download Clean Master
  2. Before every flight, use the phone boost feature to free up RAM
  3. Fly without crashes!
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i have 32 GB of storage and IF the only game download and i have no background apps running i haven’t set even my email due to me factory resetting it

Okay, try the suggestions above from @Insertusernamehere and see if that helps.

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i have a lot of Ram space and ive tried the clean master app already

Is your device rooted?

No its not rooted i dont like rooted devices

Unlocked bootloader, maybe?

whats a bootloader lol

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