Infinite flight crashing on iPhone 11 Pro max

I know this might be a strange one but IF just now and earlier this week has started to crash on my phone.
My settings are all medium except for airplane count that is very high.
My device is a iPhone 11 Pro Max

Does anyone know what I should do??

~ Many Thanks



Does it happen at any specific portion of the flight?
Are this only only longer flights, or shorter as well?

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Yes just on long haul never on short haul for some reason

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Have you tried restart your device before your flight, and clear cache

I’ve tried everything restarted my phone, cleaning cage every 2-3 days and sometimes I reinstall the application but still it crashes

Probably you can adjust the screen brightness to the lowest when cruising, check your “Screen downtime” in Setting, this will block your flight to continue.
Also, you can change your setting as all medium, this might work

No need to worry about brightness it’s always on the lowest during cruise but sometimes high for landing and takeoff

I don’t know what that making me crash but hopefully it gets fixed in the update!

How much storage do you have available on the device?
The crashes are not something to be expected on that device, so it’s a bit odd.

I am using a 11 pro max for my flights as well and I have never experienced any crashes (Maybe once or twice since getting the device). Im interested to know as to what might have caused your flight to crash.

I have less than 1 GB left

Okay, i would start with making some more space. The storage space Infinite Flight uses are quite dynamic, and we always recommend a bare minimum of 1GB available.

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Ok I’ll make free up some room thanks for the help

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