Infinite Flight crashing before approaching airport

Good day fellow pilots.

I don’t know if this has been posted or not but if so you can delete the post. Just today I have done 2 flights. Barcelona to Bilbao and Split to LHR. Before i would be able to perform my ILS procedures the game would crash. I haven’t played IF in a while and this is the first time that happened to me twice in one day. This was all on expert server.

The device is Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
Operating software is Android 13

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Sorry to hear that you are experiencing app crashes when approaching airports.

Can you please confirm what your current graphic settings and airplane count are set at?

If your graphic settings are set to high, I strongly recommend lowering these to medium along with your airplane count.

I also strongly recommend restarting your device before each flight.

Let us know if this works for you or if you continue to experience the issue.

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Have the same problem for over a week now. Often on final. I use Ipad. Have cleared cache, restarted device, nothing wrong with my wifi connection, not switching devices. I read the post and comment in January but haven’t seen any answer otherwise than crashes are a problem on the device, not the server?
I hope this issue is taken seriously as it is a real game spoiler as you might imagine. Will try the lower settings as advised in response to your post.

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Sorry I’m being late to respond, just woke up. My settings are as of now, on high graphics. And medium plane count. Now I have been using this setting for a while but what I’ll do is clear the data and restart the device. I’ll make sure to contact you again if anything happens.

Man so this has been happening since January.

I have the same phone and i recommend you switch to medium graphics

Okay ill be doing a couple of flights to day just so I can test them. I’ll make sure to report of whats going on.

Just had this problem when approaching Vancouver about an hour ago 😑

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Same here. I was approaching Vancouver right now, when i suddenly crashed:(


I often restart my ipad before having my flight, haven’t crashed since then :)

So after flying a few times without crashing I just now had a same problem.

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