Infinite flight crashes.

I’ve now had this issue for Well over a month after multiple reinstall attempts and also a device factory reset it persists. I am now unless addressed and a fixed is put in place planning to give IF a bad review on Play Store, as well as contacting several tech blogs regarding it. This is unacceptable for the developers to charge for an app that crashes by simply adjusting camera perspective. I am so disappointed and infuriated simultaneously.

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Try lowering your graphics, turn if anti analisying if it’s on, and limit aircraft count in the live servers. That should help. Please also give us a bit more information regarding your device.


To add to that, I have easily lost a cumulative total of 20+ hours of flight time, landings, etc which despite being told it would not save to my user data/logbook

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Sorry I’ve done all that

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Your log book resets when you re-install the app, what device are you using?

I can assure given the fact when it doesn’t crash it runs flawlessly it isn’t my device.

Irregardless device specifications would be great.

Lenovo Tab 10 2.4ghz over 80% of storage free 2gb video and 2gb ddr SD ram. 0 apps besides IF, and Flight Assistant installed device was purchased solely for IF

Does this happen when you enter busy airspace’s? Or is it anytime in particular that it happens more than usual? Like final, take-off and etc.

I was just on final at St Louis 0 other aircraft in sight so no, sorry if that seems brash I’m so over this problem.

Also it shouldn’t have been an app uptime Issue I had just restarted and only had flown from MCI

Also I forgot to mention it is constantly resetting my keyboard controls

Consider clearing your RAM, reboot your device each day. That’s about all I can think of.

Appreciate the attempt, both suggestions done 2x daily as had been previously suggested when I initially brought this problem to the forum.

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What settings do you have enabled? Can you send screenshots of your Infinite Flight settings perhaps?

You have Interface Timeout set to “Never” so the Interface is constantly being used even when you sont need to, Suggest Hiding airplane names and dots, as when you get near other aircraft you can crash. Do you always have your screen brightness high? And are you always flying in the “noon” time? Little things like these could put some stress on your device, especially on long hauls.

I only had interface enabled because gf is learning so answer to that is rarely
Flying time is varied again gf is learning she wanted daytime I usually use current
Hiding other aircraft or when at busy airports runs smoothly
Screen brightness is usually low as I cast to my tv most times.

Do you do short haul or long haul flights?

I mix it up I just got back to expert and have been trying to perfect hand flying. Literally the only time it crashes is if I attempt to spin camera around or in the most recent instance was in Virtual Cockpit Cam, had double tapped to recenter/rezoom view and it crashed

Try to turn down the graphics to medium.