Infinite Flight crashes while phone is charging

Hay guys, I would like to know if I’m not the only one who’s having this issue. Just not to long ago, android just had a software update and now every time I start flying and start charging my sell phone the game stop’s and I can’t do nothing. Now I tried every other game like CoDM, and simple planes, but they seem to not have a problem, the only one that has a problem is Infinite Flight. The phone that I am using is a Moto 7.

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Which software update are you taking about ?

It’s update Version 10

@CoD_Fan_Boy does this happen when your phone enters battery saver mode also (i.e you’re flying, you turn on battery saver and it crashes?)

Yes, when I start charging it or switched it to save battery mode.

I’m going to give you the most unhelpful conclusion ever unfortunately… There isn’t currently a way to fix it. It’s present in android 10, and still an issue in android 11. I brought this up previously in beta as an issue. I’ve found there are 3 apps in total on my device that crash because of it, it’s an issue with app “optimisation”. A change was made to how battery saver works from android 9 to 10, and not all apps work with it fully.

I know it’s not always easy to keep the device out of battery saver, but I would recommend either keeping your device plugged in during a flight, or run on battery without switching the power mode. Sorry I can’t be of more help currently, I’ll be sure to push the issue onto the right people.

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Yeah I was hoping I was not the only one, I hope they fix it on the 20.2 update

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