Infinite flight crashes when Soundcloud is playing.

Hi guys, during my flights I like to listen to music. While I was in the middle of my flight, I exited Infinite flight and opened Soundcloud to listen to some tunes. When I go back to Infinite flight, it freezes and doesn’t stop crashing.
I have tested this without opening Soundcloud and it’s fine when I go back on IF.
I’ve restarted my device but it doesn’t help. I’m not sure if this a iOS 11 issue because I just updated to iOS 11. (Sorry if this is a little off topic of Infinite flight)
Thanks for you help!

iPhone SE
iOS 11

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That happened to me too. I couldn’t listen to music while in IF. May be on Soundcloud’s end though.


Maybe try with all of your IF Sound off. Tell me if that works

Maybe turn on Bluetooth?

Actually it works now.

It’s not strongly recommended to run background apps or closing the app once on live servers utilizing Infinite Flight ;) I use another source for listening to music and watching videos while flying.


Running the beta of iOS on an old SE can overpower the device, leaving the app might make it crashy. 11 isn’t fully optimized yet, what build are you using?

Leaving IF while flying can cause crashes, especially when you are using a relatively underpowered device. Have you cleared RAM recently?


Works for me even though I’m on IOS 10


Just tried that. Still crashes

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no I haven’t. Is that recommended?

I dunno, it might work. Do you know how?

I just did. Still freezes.
I think it might be something to do with iOS 11. Because I had no problem with Infinite flight and Soundcloud before updating.

Could be, what build are you using? It might not be 100% optimised yet, especially for older devices.

How do I check that?

Settings > General > About
It should say:
Version (for me:) 10.2.1

Is says: 11.0 (15A372)

Mine says 15A5362a, is there a software update you can download?

You should be able to download the GM.

No, it says it up to date

Hmm, mine must be the outdated version lol! Don’t know what else to tell you then.

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I can tell you from experience running multiple Apps especially while streaming data (music, games, web surfing) Apple products will force close apps if performance is lacking or suffering.