Infinite Flight Crashes when requesting time limit

Every time I try to request more screen time or try to get another minute of play, the app crashes in a time interval of less than a second.

This happened in the old iPhone Se, 7 and the new iPhone SE. it is also reported on other apple devices

I doubt there is any fix other than the devs figuring it out

Doesn’t happen to any other apps except infinite Flight (ex: Fortnite works fine)

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Are you trying to pull the screen time for the day, or limit the screen time for the app itself?

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Hey! What do you mean by “request screen time”?

@lucaviness @mkwiecek clarified a little better

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I understand what you mean by that. My parents just turned it off for me now. You will just have to be lightning fast as Apple can’t fix this (or maybe they can…)

Is it Downtime or App Limit? Because that was the thing @mkwiecek which I’m still not seeing a clarification for?

I believe he means both. I have seen this before and unfortunately, you just gotta go lightning fast.

Devices: iPad mini 4, iPhone 8

I believe there must be something causing this that may be unknown to the team

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@VH-VCQ has the right idea

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It happens to me, a lot

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Okay, I think I’ve seen a report about this somewhere before.
How long does it usually take @anon45500775 - from the moment you get the popup, until you get more time and attempts to reopen the app?

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Not even a second, maybe .5 seconds???

Doesn’t happen to any other apps

Same, and it doesn’t happen to anything else. Not even COVIDSafe app from the Scomo government

Not many other apps are like Infinite Flight in terms of how resources on a device is being used, with it requiring a constant, stable connection etc. A COVID app is not remotely the same in any way :)

Still, it should definitely not crash. That’s an issue.
I’ll log it and have it looked at.


Oh i just remembered a thing that might help.
For those of you who’ve had this issue, please drop your current callsign and display name :)


Out of curiosity, is it that the popup is disrupting Infinite Flight’s connection?

Does drop mean change? Sorry, I’m a bit confused.

Yes, but it should be fine for more than .5 seconds :)

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Post, let me know… etc :)

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Okay then.

Callsign: VH-VCQ
Display name: IFC VH-VCQ

Oh I see. So something is happening within that tiny timeframe that is strong enough to crash the app, wow.