Infinite Flight crashes when I type a location for an event on the calendar.

Sorry for the long title, but this honestly is getting on my nerves. Whenever I want to put an airport location on my IF event, the app crashes as soon as I start to type! For example:

At this point, I can’t type ‘KOSH’! You can see how it went to my home screen. Does anyone else have this issue? Help would be appreciated!

I just tried this is as well on my device, (iPhone 6s, latest iOS and latest IF version) and it does work either and the game crashes. Can you also give some details of OS and device to assist the team in helping you out here?

I run on an iPhone SE with IOS 10. I probably can’t get back to you as I’m going into school now. Thanks!

Did you try these?

  1. Restart IF
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Change all settings on the iOS Calendar (backup all important events in case you have to reset the calendar)
  4. Uninstall and Reinstall IF

And your phone is not a jailbroken device, am I right?

EDIT: By the way, does this happen even if you type gibberish (random letters)?

I tried to duplicate this and ran into the same issues on iPhone 7 OS 10.3.3 Verizon and iPad Air 2 OS 10.3.3 AT&T Same results as OP. Tried typing in various locations as well.

Thanks for the report - this won’t be an issue in the upcoming “global” release.