Infinite flight crashes when I try to get pro

When I go into my account and try to purchase infinite flight pro the app crashes. All I want is to purchase the pro subscription but then it crashes. I have restarted my device and reinstalled the app. When I go to get the pro it shows error where the price should be and then crashes when I click continue. I have a 12.9 in 2018 iPad Pro on iOS 14 public beta 1. It also crashes on my iPhone, I will try on a device that is not on iOS 14.

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This is most likely a huge part of this if not all of it. IOS 14 is yet to be supported by Infinite Flight still as it is still in beta testing I’m afraid.

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Thanks, does anyone know when it will be in regular?

Also, it does seem to work on a device not in beta, so that does seem to be the issue.

What is the error you are receiving? Which screen specifically does it crash on?

Hi Seth!

First of all, a warm welcome to the community 😊.

There might be a problem with the public beta version for iOS 14 actually because Infinite Flight isn’t running on that software yet, it’ll work best with the iOS 13 I believe. That might be the main issue.

I would recommend probably going back to iOS 13 as it’ll work efficiently then. I think that’s the cause of the crashing. For any other iPad Pro users please correct me if I’m wrong as I use the 11 inch 2018 pro as well.

Hope that helps!


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The user was not referring to IFC regular. They were referencing iOS Beta vs Regular.


As others have said this is most likely the issue. However, as an iOS 14 developer beta user who’s been flying since installing it after WWDC two weeks ago, I can say that I haven’t experienced any issues with anything.

If you manage to purchase the subscription on another device and login on the iOS 14 one, it should work (based on my experience with the developer beta).

Ok, thanks, I will do that.

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It just crashes, both the iPhone and iPad.

Buying on a other device worked, thanks everyone!


Did logging in on iOS 14 work too?

Yes, that did work.