Infinite Flight Crashes When i touch the screen

my joysick is connected to my phone and everytime i touch the screen it crashes

This should be in #support just so you know :)

changed it! thank you for saying that

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Is it connected directly to your Android phone using an OTG cable?

Please refer to this when making your support thread:

yes it is. it’s an adapter that came with the phone.

Okay. What device do you have and what OS do you use?

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Android 7.0

my phone restarts after i touch it.

There we go, that’s a more fitting title. Have you tried restarting your app and clearing your RAM?

yes i did. didn’t help

Okay. Try reinstalling your app, that might help.

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ok i will try that. brb

it’s installing right now

Let me know if that works.

nope still not working

Hmm… I haven’t tried to repro this, but maybe try disconnecting your joystick before touching the screen? That’s the non-practical solution, I can’t think of anything else.


Hold on. Have you tried LiveFlight connect?

yeah i did but it was lagging too much

Happens to me too.

I think its because of a timeout from not touching the screen after a long time and when you do touch it it loads everything it hasnt in a while. (I dont know this is just what I think happens)