Infinite flight crashes /w A330neo

i was at JFK terminal 5 and for like 5 or 6 times the game has crashed

i’ve also lowered the terminal density and nothing happened

i am on a ipad 6th gen 13.3.1

uh i need help here ;-;

Have you tried updating your device to the latest IOS? since those updates come with performance fixes, which can help you improve performance on your iPad! :) I also have a sixth generation, and I have no problems with infinite flight!

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ill try that

Also try to see a good graphics configuration that your iPad is not forced to work hard, and at some point because of the little RAM that the iPad has, it causes the simulator to close.

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Excellent, anything you can send me a private message so I can give you a solution! :) and help you

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thing is that hasnt been happening recently (the crashes)

i literally did a flight 4 hrs ago and there was no crashing

i think it’s the masive congestion at JFK im not able to handle

I have the Ipad 6th gen. Try reinstalling the game, restart the iPad, check your iPad storage, set the texture quality to medium or low, and then come back to me to see if that worked.

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did that, seem to be getting succcess rn

forget that 🤣

Reinstalling the game is very important because it clears all of the downloaded liveries and aircraft your iPad accumulated.

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but shouldn’t that be the last resort?

I do it all the time, it doesn’t log me out or anything when I open it back up.

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Yes, exactly this. Deleting and reinstalling the app should always be the last viable option. To have an optimal experience, the best thing to do is restart your device before flights and free up some storage especially when you are down to your last few GBs left in available storage.

Someone also recommended updating your operating system which would be a decent option as well.

One set of final recommendations would be to adjust your Aircraft Count in your Live settings, setting it to low or medium might be a better option for your device since it is less resource intensive the lower you make your aircraft count. Ensure that you have frame rate limited to 30 fps in the Graphics settings.

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