Infinite Flight crashes on "NEW" gadgets

It happened to me today as I was doing a flight bound for Singapore (from Bangkok, so it’s only a 2 hour flight). As I reached my cruising altitude, I turned on power saving mode, lowered the brightness, and hid the HUD (phone is charging). So I left and came back 30 minutes later only to see that my game had crashed yet again… This crash had also happened a few weeks back when I parked after a long haul flight. (Twice, the rest were mid flight crashes)

The only other application running would be IFAssistant, but I don’t think it is the cause as I have never had this issue before.

Device: Samsung Note 10 Plus
Software: Latest Version
Storage Available: 400GB

And yes, I’ve already reinstalled both applications recently.


@QuarterBach which version of the Note 10 do you have? Is it the version with the Snapdragon Chip or the Exynos Chip? (US/EU Version)

have you turned screen touch lock on and all settings to low, this helped stop IF crashing on my S9+


Would you happen to have your exact model number to hand? You can find it in
Settings → About Device

Screen touch lock goes on by itself. No, I have never lowered the graphics settings as I personally don’t believe it makes much of a difference, aside from FPS.
(Did a 17 hour straight flight with my S8+ last year on the highest settings and I had no issues)

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does your device ever get hot/overheat when you leave it on?

It’s SM-N975F/DS

It can get warm at times but it never overheats.

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This issue has nothing to do with scenery. Clearing it wouldn’t do anything.

Based on that model number, your device has the Exynos chipset. I’m sorry if this is a pain but could you double check again? It may have a high relevance to your issue.

Well I honestly have no clue on what my chipset is (could’ve sworn it was snapdragon). I purchased it locally (here in Asia).

If you’re able to download an application on the play store called Aida64, that would be a huge help. It will list the ins and outs of your device

There we go, the app tells me my chipset is Exynos 9.

Okay. Your version of the Note 10 uses the Mali G76-MP12 graphics processor, whereas the Snapdragon model has an Adreno 640.

Myself and another beta tester did some research on this issue recently, and have found that none of these crashes have been related to Snapdragon based devices.

This thread probably wouldn’t mean much to the average user, but there seems to be some inconsistency in this particular version of the note 10. The S10 has also suffered from this same issue, but only when running the Exynos chipset. I myself have never suffered from a single crash using a Snapdragon device, whereas the Exynos devices lock up, freeze fully and then soft reset during a flight.
The S8 you owned last year would have most likely been Snapdragon, or using an older GPU that didn’t have this issue.

As of right now, there is no fix as we don’t actually know the full extent of the issue, but the development team are aware of it. Sadly I don’t think at the moment there is a work around to speak of. Will keep you updated.


Oh alright, thank you.

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Snapdragon Note 10-s are only sold in USA

“whereas the Exynos devices lock up, freeze fully and then soft reset during a flight.”

Exactly what happened a lot to me on my S10. Couldn’t find an explanation as to why this was happening but now I know why. This only happened to me while I was actively playing the game myself, I recently completed a 19 hour flight with graphics on low and AP on the whole way and it didn’t crash.

My new device S20 Ultra also has the Exynos chip (😭😭) but haven’t had any crashes thus far. Seems like they have improved

Do you know the RAM of the device, rather than storage? Apple devices experience these crashes if RAM is 2GB or less. Any device with more than 2GM of RAM should be ok.

I have same device, UK version, with Exynos 9825, but currently flying to Vancouver on my Tab S6, ETA 1:30hr. Once I land I’ll fly same route and try to reproduce the issue, and report back!

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