Infinite Flight crashes on Loading Screen

I’ve had infinite flight for a while now and never had any issues. Recently however it started to crash on the loading screen. I rebooted my device and still had the same issue. I then updated my device and still had the issue. I even restored my device and reinstalled it and the problem was still encountered. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work.

iPad Air 32GB Model (initially running iOS 8.3 and then upgraded to iOS 9.3 and still had the same problem)

I have the crash logs but don’t where to post them so if they’re needed I have them!

I hope someone can help because it’s one of my favorite games! Thanks.

Restart your device.

Welcome to the Community! You should try restarting your device, and if that dosent work, you can delete the app and then reinstall it.

Try clearing your ram, and check to see if you have enough storage space left to run the game.

Also, Welcome to this amazing community!

I noticed if you download an app not from the App Store it can crash your apps. For example, I got air shou and then my games started crashing when I opened them, however when I deleted it everything worked again. So if you have anything downloaded from the Internet just delete it and see if that works :)


Thanks for replying! I’ve restarted, got more than enough space and reinstalled it loads and nothing works! Really don’t know what to do!

Sounds like a Jailbroken device. Is it? Was it? I have an iPad Air 1 & Air 2 as well with iOS9.3.4 and have no problem like that at all.

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