Infinite Flight crashes on Galaxy S6

It crashes all the timeeven when i restart before or delete background apps!

Does your phone have enough RAM to support the app?

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Could you give more detail:

IF version
Android Version
When does it crash?

Also have you tried reinstalling?

I have 3 rams is that enough?

What is 3 rams?

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Gigabytes of ram

Why u don’t look it up!

Please provide more details.
Is the device rooted?
Which Android version is installed?
Have there been any error messages?
From what site did you download and install the copy of the app that is crashing?
Have you tried to delete the app, restart device power and then reinstall directly from GooglePlay?
Does the crashing happen in solo, live or both modes?
What are the graphics quality and aircraft count settings at?

Please offer as much detail as possible. You may also use: then contact support.

3 rams is different from 3 gigabytes of ram.

I did look it up and I got directed to the site of a insurance company and I’m sure that’s not you were intending.

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