Infinite Flight crashes in flight or on landing (iPad Air 5)

Hello, I had “crash” problems on my old 9th generation iPad. So I decided to sell it because it was really unbearable. Every time I was seconds away from landing, the app would close for no reason. I’ve had the iPad Air 5 for 2 weeks and haven’t had any issues so far. Today was 5 hours since I flew from Los Angeles to London Heathrow and Infinite Flight had closed for no reason. Help me please

I have been having the same problem lately but with the Samsung galaxy S20

I have the same device and I think that the crash issues are due to iOS 16.3.1 because I had no issues on my phone until I updated it and I haven’t updated my IPad and no crash issues

Hello! I would try putting this topic into #support, as it would be easier for mods to find in a category, as well as assisting you.

I didn’t know that was possible on Android.

Since I already had this problem since July on my old iPad, I think Infinite Flight has some problems with IOS

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Actually, I hadn’t thought of that. THANKS :)

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