Infinite Flight Crashes Immediately..


Guys read the post he’s already tried those things, and doesn’t have access to the app…

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I have 8GB and nothing… I wish it was as simple as what you are telling me


Thank you!!!


No problem, Sorry to hear that


Ya its tough… :(


I would sugggest checking this thread, Device Compatibility Thread- Built By Us For You!

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Maybe contact the person who added the device for advice,


I don’t think its an issue of compatibility as it was working awesome before… I used to run it on my note9 for almost 5 months and this just occurred…


Is it only Infinite Flight your device is struggling to cope with?


Maybe take the phone to a local Samsung store to have it tested, maybe the phone is wearing out.

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Yup only IF


Not that desperate yet haha


This may be an odd question but have you Rooted, Modified, or JailBroken your device or IF?


Hey there, can you double check the version of Infinite Flight you are running. My second question: Have you recently updated your Samsung phone recently? Have you got any problems opening any other apps? Maybe the new updates can not let you open Infinite Flight. Is there any other applications you cannot open other than this one?


Infinite Flight: Latest
Samsung OS: Cannot remember the exact date but sometime in march 10-20 and update was needed but it was working fine after that.
No other problems with other apps.


Going to get off I will be back in 1hr or so.
Sorry If I miss your messages in the mean time


Try lowering your graphics it reduces lag and app crashing.Also make sure limit frame rate is on


His IF crashed immediatley so he is unable to access anything

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Oh…I thought when he loads into the game.

Usually when I have severe problems like this, I PM @schyllberg

Can you verify the version of Infinite Flight from your play store?

Has IF global ever worked with this device? With the video recorder also crashing I wonder if there is not a larger device issue at play.

For the other responses:

  • You cant delete replays if you cant launch the app
  • Uninstalling will remove replay files
  • You cant change graphics if it won’t launch.