Infinite Flight Crashes Immediately..

Device: note9
OS: Up to date
Infinite Flight: Up to date

Hello… I recently came into this issue on 03/29/2019. My infinite flight started to crash every time on boot up… I have tried to uninstall and install it back and it did not seem to fix, I also cleared cache and data within the settings and it also did nothing. I even went as far as to factory reset the phone itself and once again it crashed immediately on bootup… is there something I am doing wrong I do not understand. This is just happened out of nowhere.

I can describe by saying as soon as I see the Infinite Flight logo the game crashes, I get no error code whatsoever it just sends me back to the home page… takes around 2-3 seconds for this sequence…

Seems to be the only device so I honestly am very very lost right now…

I can try to record but my recording software cuts out every time the game crashes so it will be difficult.

Honestly, if anyone can help I would be greatly appreciative
Thanks for reading.

I’m not sure if this will make a difference but have you restarted your device?

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Yup… Like 1000 times lol

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It may be something to do with your internet connection.
Whenever my Infinite Flight crashes I always restart my Internet and it seems to fix.
That may help.

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Let me try… If this is the issue I swear to god

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Did nothing :(

Ahh. That usually helps me.
Im not sure what it could be now. Hope you find out what it is

thanks for the help though!!

i’ll check into that right now thanks for telling me

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Delete all your replays, normally works or turn down your graphics

cannot do that

You can’t delete replays?

He can’t access the app…

Try deleting and reinstalling the application, now I’m gonna go and make dinner 😋

I cannot even get the chance to… and also I factory reset my phone and installed it so all the replays are gone :(

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Oh no, You need at least 1GB of storage, If it’s close to that you may need to delete, pictures or notes or calendar events or maybe delete apps

I have 8GB and nothing… I wish it was as simple as what you are telling me

Thank you!!!


No problem, Sorry to hear that

Ya its tough… :(