Infinite flight crashes every time on long haul

I used to make long haul flights regularly but since the last update the game crashes every time.
There are two situations in which it crashes :

  • on a random flight, even short, the only explanation is that the “application was deactivated”
  • on a long haul flight, generally when I get back to my device after hours. For example when selecting altitude or just changing cameras.
    The scenery cache is always emptied when I start cruising and I use a camera that doesn’t download new scenery.

My device is a Xiaomi Mi9T or K20. It used to run IF without any issues.

Anyone has a similar problem ?


Hi there! If you have your camera in a position that doesn’t require the scenery below you to load in, it won’t load in after some time but you won’t be able to see it since your camera is in a position away from the scenery below. Sometimes after a bit of not looking at scenery below it can look not the best but it usually loads in after a few seconds. In your case though as you said it won’t load in. How’s your connection to WiFi or cellular data? This is how infinite flight streams their scenery.

An app crash can be multiple things. What graphic settings are you using? You may be over stressing your device with high graphic settings. I suggest to limit frame rate and to turn off anti aliasing if you don’t already.

Hey ! Thanks for your answer.
I use cellular data and the onnection is fine were I am(always in 4G). I use a camera that doesn’t download scenery on purpose : to reduce data usage and to limit my device’s effort to run the game.
When I make a long haul flight, I limit brithness, sound and set all graphic settings to minimum in order to limit battery fatigue over time. Maybe I shouldn’t because when I take back my device after hours without touching it, it might be asking to much for it.


So again, as @infiniteflight_17 said, I think you might want to maybe take a look at the graphic settings and try to make sure it corresponds to your device’s performance.

But what I do to avoid crashes and this works virtually every time. I would recommend you to restart your device after every say long haul, then clearing your scenery cache after the restart. That is of course after adjusting the Graphic Settings and maybe Frame Rate. After that you should be good I hope.

Hope that helps!

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And your RAM and remaining storage please

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I restart my device before a long haul flight. This is actually a life saver but it seems there is another issue. Again, this didn’t happen before the last update.

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