Infinite Flight crashes during flight for KPIT event

Hello IFC! Today I attended the event at KPIT! I flew from KPIT-KSLC. But in about an hour, I was in a Lowe’s store with cellular data on, and all of a sudden the app exits itself and I lose my flight. I think this was mainly because of cellular issues. Do you guys have any other ideas of what happened?

Did you receive a memory warning?

App crashes can happen usually due to peformance issues, not cellular.


No, there were no memory warnings.


What’s your device?
You should check this great topic too - so you know the optimal settings for your device:

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My device is an IPhone 6

OS IOS 11.2.1
Rendering Quality High
Rendering Resolution High
Texture quality High
Anti-Aliasing Off
Limit Frame Rate On
Airplane Count Medium
GeekBench Scores 1365 / 2318
Notes This is my second phone while this device is able to run IF on high graphics i recommend you lower on longer flights or just lower at cruise with its 1 gigabyte of ram this device is not as powerful as some newer devices you will notice this on longhaul flights the device will become slower so i recommend you restart your device close all background apps enable low power mode and lower brightness also if you are going into busy airports lower your graphics to the lowest and lower your airplane count :)

Try to set your settings to that.
Make sure all background apps are closed and you could try to restart your device before starting a flight.

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