Infinite Flight crashed

This is not the first time happening to me. I was en-route to KMCO from VIDP on A333, yes i know its not realistic, but it is what it is. About 2 hours before arrival, I selected the runway ils to tune into for my NAV and the whole game just shut off instantly. Is there any way to fix or prevent it from happening?

Did the app just quit to the home screen or give a reason?

Just gone, went straight to my phone’s homescreen

Ok. What settings were you running in IF at the time?

Max graphics everything

My iPhone XR has no problem with that normally

About 1 year old

Ok. It may have been a bug with the STAR you filed at VIDP. I cannot confirm this though. Maybe turn down your settings for now and disable anti-aliasing and limit frame rate. Airplane count helps too.

its at KMCO.
But it seldom happens. Everytime I fly an ultra long haul, it hardly happens to me. Only just two times

Ok. I am sorry about that. Good luck on finding a fix. Maybe a mod could take it from here.

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Hey! That’s a very long flight which can easily overwhelm a lot of devices if left on high graphics. Not sure how busy KMCO was when you landed but a lot of aircraft after a long flight at all high graphics can stress out your device. My recommendation to you is to lower your graphic settings and limit frame rate. Were you also using any third-party applications connected to Infinite Flight during your session?

was not landed and wasn’t close to descent :)

yes, IF Operations and In-Flight Assistant.

Problem is, I’ve done 18h long flights with the exact layout, high graphics etc, with third-party apps, but it doesn’t seem to affect the phone.

My fault small typo. So you tuned NAV 1 when you were far out?

Yea, kinda (?). But was still on GPS

Gotcha. I understand. You were able to essentially have it locked in as NAV 1 but had GPS selected as your source. Before the crash was it able to tune into the ILS for the runway? Also if you remember how far out were you from the actually from the airport itself when you had the ILS selected for NAV 1?

Well… it never got to tune into the ILS cus the app crashed the moment I clicked to select for NAV1.

I don’t really remember, but I was still in Canada…about 2h away from Orlando, KMCO

Ok I think I know what happened or have an educated guess. Since you were out of range to tune NAV 1 for the runway it may of selected for a quick second (not even a second) which prob is a bug and since it’s not programmed to be tuned out from that far out it resulted in an app crash. It should of came up with an ILS is too far out to tune message so this is probably a bug. It also may of just been a straight up bug where you selected it and the app didn’t know what to do so it shut down on you. Hoping staff take a look at this and can give you more info on this as it is a strange case.

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Interesting… I’ve tuned NAV1 quite early many times before, never had the problem. (After the update with 772 got released) Before that, there was always a message that said ils too far to tune into.
Thanks for the help though!

Hmm that also may of been a missed thing during testing for 20.1. There should always be a message saying that the NAV 1 selected is out of range. It’s probably only designed to cater people in range and isn’t fully designed to cater those extremely far out so that’s why you may of had the crash since it probably isn’t fully supported for people far out. Hopefully they can log the issue internally about being able to tune NAV 1 from outside the originally designed range. My advise to you to avoid this is to tune all NAV 1 runways and VORs about at most 27 nautical miles away from them.

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Wilco! I’ll be sure to remember that! Thank you so much for your help!

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