Infinite flight crashed

Good afternoon! Today decided to do some flying on iphone 8 plus bought few weeks ago, it was not set…
Took off from Paris and planned to reach Male, but in an hour a game just took off. I am at loss. Somebody knows why it happened?

What do you mean by a game just tokeoff?

I think he may mean that the game crashed or something.

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Or a sort of network problem🤔

Excuse for the incorrect translation. I meant that the infinite flight was closed

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Did you have other background apps or apps you were using while flying?

So clearly your game crashed…Try lowering the graphic settings.This used to happen to me but a simple graphic lower sloved it

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No, before flying i close all

Maybe try what @IF_Aviation1 said and lower your graphics, maybe that would help.

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very vsadly

He has Iphone 8 , it suppose to work perfectly on high settings

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well it is more like Yes

Suppose to but there is probably an error somewhere.Some stuff are meant to work perfectly but sometimes it cant

you are right, the technique sometimes fails

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Have you tried reinstalling it? I’m a iPhone 8 plus user and had the same issue and reinstalling solved it.

Try shutting down the device completely and turning it back in before your next flight. I’ve seen recommendations to “restart” your device every once in a while.

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