Infinite Flight Crash When I try to log in

So few days ago, I clear the data for IF because I need storage to record some videos. But when I reopen Infinite Flight and it crashed every single time when I try to log in, tap on FLY ONLINE or Air Traffic Control. So now I can only play solo mode which in the same time still paying for Pro mode.

If you cleared the data then IF has nothing to run off of. You’re probably going to need to reinstall the app.

Have you tried restarting your device or a reinstall?

I will try that, tks

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Unfortunately, I tried both options but all didn’t work out, tks anyway

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Have you tried closing out all the background tabs.The storage for the videos might also be the problem with IF crashing

How much space do you have available and what device

Can you provide us with you’d device model name, firmware so we as a community can better figure out what prevents you from logging in to Infinite Flight.

thanks alot

About 5GB left, I can clean up more though

How old is the device?

I believe the Kirin chip isn’t slow in anyway.
Everything is updated to the latest?
Re-installing the app might help.

I did try that option, didn’t work

Are you using a VPN?

I tried, but not working. I’ve been playing for more than a year and it has never been in to this situation

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I think the next best step is to contact your cellular service provider and ask them if they’ve made any changes on their end. Let them know that you’ve been utilizing an app with no issues until recently.


Does this problem occur when attempting to log in? Or after logging in and tapping online?

I can’t log in RN, it will crash when I attempt to log in or press on FLY ONLINE or AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL. It loaded for a few seconds and it just crashed

Hmm. This may be a Google play issue.

Try this.

Make sure Google play is closed and then do the following:

Go to settings -> apps -> Google play -> then clear data and cache
Go back to apps -> Google play services -> clear data and cache.
Then restart your phone and try again.

Can you do a speed test? Simply search “speed test” into your browser and press begin. Post results.