Infinite flight crash report

After 22.8 there has been an error I would like to address, the app will crash whenever it needs to download a livery before starting the flight, the livery will finish downloading but the flight will not proceed in starting and crash. I have tested this again and again and it looks like it’s happening 100% of the time. Please note this is only happening when it needs to download a livery so when it doesn’t need to it is working just fine but it’s still annoying.

Device: IPad Pro 3
Operating system: IOS 15.7.2

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Have you tried restarting your device and seeing if that helps?

Also, do you have the latest iOS update installed on your device?

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Like I said I have done this over and over again over the span of 3 weeks, it happens each time I need to download a livery before starting the flight.

And no I don’t, but that cannot be the reason


If haven’t already, reinstall Infinite Flight and see if that stops the crashes.

I already tried that a while ago that doesn’t help

Are you able to install the latest IOS update? It could be the problem and it wouldn’t hurt to try.

I can’t right now, since I’m flying

Okay, no problem. What about once you finish your flight?

IOS 16 takes up more data, it may even make things worse

Every new iOS update version brings new fixes to your device. So, it could help!

I thought it fixed it but it happened literally just now

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