Infinite Flight crash on Live.

I think I crashed because SoCal had so many people that my phone couldn’t take it. I went to the Caribbean later, and had a very smooth flight there.

Just happened to me, at 32000, E190, Froze for like 3 seconds, than crashed, LiveFlight still says I’m flying…
Iphone 6
iOS 10.0.1
Latest IF

This happens to me a lot. It mostly happens when im on final approach

Yep I was wondering if there was a problem with the IF servers as I’ve been having lag issues also.
I was on approach earlier today in the Caribbean when it crashed and I was flying the other day and it was very laggy, I’ve never had these issues in the past?
iPad Air 2 latest update with nothing else running in the background.

Same here also, had a 7600 (its a joke) incident earlier, lost all comms for 5 mins at least

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