Infinite Flight crash on Live.

I was on final on KLAX just now, and the game suddenly freezed and crashed. I had everything on low, background apps were off.
There were lots of flights in that region (84 when I entered there), and I was having lag issues, could that have been the cause?
Lag happened in parts of my house with good wifi also.

Can anyone help please?

Samsung Galaxy S5.
Android 5.

This could be the issue … Have you had these lags a few times in past flights or just for today’s flight ?

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Maybe try turning down the number of planes you can see to low. If that doesn’t work it might just be your device

All the time on my first three flights on Live, but it never crashed.

It was on low. And my device is pretty modern.

I’m not sure sorry. Live does crash for some people but that’s usually on older devices.

What device do you have?

A Galaxy S5.

It seems that there is something either wrong with your internet connection or the actual game itself … Maybe try redownloading Infinite Flight or try sitting next to the router while flying. If none of these help your issue out, try calling the Internet company you are connected with and they might be able to help you out and fix the problem.


Not again…

Does IF Live depends on the download speed or upload speed? Because I have a pretty good download speed.

It sometimes depends on your internet connection …

As you stated before, you said that you have pretty good connection but IF seems to still lag … So I am assuming that it’s either your internet connection playing up or its you phone / IF playing up.

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I´ll try seating next to my router. I don´t want to reinstall IF, nor reset my phone to factory settings if that´s the problem.

Follow my tips I provided you with and if they don’t work then call up the Internet company you are connected with … ( only thing I could do to help out )

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I´ll try later. Thanks @CaptainDawud.

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Email let them know in full details on what happened.

They already know about the app crashes. Thanks anyways.

Are they working on a solution u know?

Don’t know.

This bug is known to Infinite Flight, there a continuelsly threads about this. Thankyou Sturmovik that you shared it since it can help them figure out which devices it affects, unless thats not relevant.

Internet connection status has nothing to do with freezes…if you loose your net status, it just should show an orange wifi signal in top right corner, and you cant contact atc( gray headphone) and / or dont see other planes…but it shouldn’t freeze and crash…