Infinite Flight Crash (Bug)

I had just started one of my VA flights on Infinite Flight in the ATC Playground server with a flight from KRNM to KRAL. I took off from KRNM turned my heading and contacted ATC to get flight following. once they acknowledged my check in, I asked for flight following then the message bar appeared again and the headset icon was blinking as if the air traffic controller had contacted me but nothing came up nor did the ATC voice turn on. i went to acknowledge the statement and then the app crashed.

Try to wait a couple seconds after the message has been sent to open the atc window that might work

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What is your device and operating system?

i have the ipad mini 2 and im running 9.0.2 it hasn’t happened except that one time i just wanted to put in on here incase anyone else ran into the same problem

IPad mini1 and iPhone 6