Infinite Flight Control (Camera Issue)

Hey guys, right now I’m in the middle of a flight and I’m having a major cockpit camera issue. I was trying to change the settings for the cockpit camera. (Currently, if I swipe down, the camera goes up, but I want to change to where I swipe down and the camera goes down.) While trying to fix this, I changed SOMETHING, to where the cockpit camera is stuck facing down. Can someone help?

These might help you:

  • Double-tap on the screen to reset the camera.
  • Try tapping the camera icon (located on the bottom-right side of the screen) to change the camera POV.

Hope this helps!

If I were you, I’d move this to Support

Turn off “Invert Internal Cameras Vertical Motion” in Settings → General
As said before, you should try double-tapping your screen to reset the camera