Infinite Flight constantly crashing

Hello. I’ve been experiencing this problem for quite a while now. IF just seems to completely freeze halfway along flights, almost 1/3 of the time. So for every 3 flights I do, I can only finish 2.

Yes, I’ve tried clearing my scenery cache, restarting the app, rebooting my device, etc. Whatever troubleshooting technique, I’ve tried it to no avail.

Device: iPad Air 2 (128GB)

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Do you have the latest iOS version installed?
Did you enable “Limit frame rate”?

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Yes I have the latest iOS version installed. Also, I don’t think I need to limit my frame rate as my device seems to be able to handle it with no problem at all. (runs at about 40 - 60fps)

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I disagree, otherwise you wouldn’t be posting this topic :)
I recommend you enable Limit Frame Rate, as it’s quite performance demanding and tends to generate quite a lot of heat. I even have it limited on my iPad Pro 9.7.

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Wait, is limit frame rate the thing that is enabled after a while? Like if your device is left idle, it’ll come on. That thing right?

(just to make sure)

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No, that’s Low Power Mode.
Limit Frame rate is another setting which you can find in the Graphics tab that increases the frame rate during “normal” gameplay.

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Ah, I see. Will try it out. Hope this solves the issue.


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Even though the iPad Air 2 is a very capable device in general, it’s starting to reach it’s limit when it comes to running Infinite Flight on highest possible settings.

The standing recommendation are to before each flight, clear out RAM. How to:

  • Hold down your power/lock button until you see “Slide to turn off”
  • Hold down your Home button until you’re returned to the home screen

The process above kills all the background processes that aren’t tied into iOS.


I know Seb has said it but make sure you do have limit frame rate on, it’s essential to ensure the device can run IF properly. The device is coming to be 4 years old so it’s not up there with the fastest so over these next few years it will definitely begin to struggle.

My settings are everything on full with anti aliasing on but then I use low power mode and limit frame rate. It seems fine actually now, with each update it seems to get even more stable unlike the initial global update where it was freezing every few seconds. Let us know if there are still issues.


Update: Did a flight from YHZ - YYT with the setting enabled, seemed to do fine. I will complete another 4 more flights before getting back here and reporting on how it did.


Install the app “Game Booster” it already does the job of clearing cache, and closes the APP in the background making most of the RAM available to run the IF, try to use it !!