Infinite flight consistently crashing

I’m going to try hard to hide my frustration here. Infinite flight has been constantly crashing on flights longer than 6 hours for me. I’ve tried having no apps open but Infinite flight, shutting down my iPad before logging in, and nothing works. I know people in the community have been reporting this multiple times, and even in update 19.3 (I think) the developers said that the bug had been fixed. It has not. It has actually gotten worse since that update. I love Infinite Flight, and I just started doing team long haul flights with my best friend, and I’ve only completed one out of the five we’ve done together. Frankly, this bug is killing my love for Infinite flight, as almost %100 of the time, I know deep down that I won’t finish the flight. My recent team flight from Dubai to San Francisco was the last straw. I’m not quitting IF, but I am having less fun knowing that I probably won’t finish the flight. To all the developers, I really hope you are trying hard to fix this.


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Hello @MrAirplaneGeek!
sorry that you are encountering crashes. have you read the following before?

We are aware of a slightly increased crash rate on 19.4 with iOS. The cause of this is not 19.4 directly, but a framework used together with iOS 13 that is leaking a substantial amount of memory. The less RAM your iOS device is equipped with, the greater the risk is of being affected.

Now more than ever, the steps quoted should be followed when attempting a longer flight as it will greatly reduce the risks of experiencing a crash.

If you are experiencing these crashes, make sure you reduce the following settings:

  • Texture Resolution: Low
  • Anti Aliasing: Off
  • Live Aircraft Count: Low to None, None especially on Final.
  • Rendering resolution:

This will in addition to what’s already been mentioned, lower the chance of experiencing any crashes.

Of course we are working hard to find a way to resolve it, but please try the steps above in the mean time.

(by schyllberg )

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Thanks for telling me. I’ve tried all that except the settings, but with having a low aircraft count, it defeats the purpose of the multiplayer. I will try that.

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After the 19.4 update this has been a known issue. Look at the post above about reducing it. They are currently beta testing the possible fix.

OK try that and then come back to us :)

Exactly which iPad model are you using and what graphics settings do you have set? :)

Great. I like that they are trying to fix it, as it has been a problem for a long time.

Yes and like @schyllberg asked what is your iPad model

It’s not a “one issue alone”.
Basically all of the other crashes pre-19.4 have been eliminated. Then this memory leak happened.

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I have an iPad Air 2, and my settings are in the pictures below

Send a screenshot of graphic settings too Please

And that’s one of the older iPads and I have that iPad which doesn’t work well with infinite flight anymore.

Graphics settings are the important thing here, which you didn’t include ;)

@TylerShah and @schyllberg,
Just in advance, I try to be as realistic as possible

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@MrAirplaneGeek some of your settings don’t match :)

Those kind of settings will crash your longer flights regardless, memory leak or not I’m afraid.

Yea that’s the problem. With graphics all on high with the older iPad. It is bound to crash. Had the same problem with that same iPad. You’ll want to lower the settings to low

@TylerShah, @Ondrejj, @schyllberg,
Thanks for telling me, I will try those settings on my next long flight, hopefully they will work. :)


@MrAirplaneGeek… MaxSez: Same O Same O IPad. I feel and have been feeling your pain for some now. Condolences, misery deserves company … MaxSends

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