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Hi guys. Sorry for not knowing on which category this will go… I just have a question regarding the Inflight Assistant and Infinite Passengers. Would both work in parallel (as in at the same time?)

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Yes they should work, as I’ve tried both before at the same time.


They will indeed.

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I can also confirm this, should work like a dream.

Like a dream?

Work like a charm? I am trying to say that it works really well.


Just make sure you only have those apps open and nothing else and you don’t want to use all your ram up and then can’t play, Sometimes notifications can make infinite passengers disconnect but this hardly happens. Iv’e never had the issue !

Im appart infinite passanger beta team so any issues feel free to pm me !

Wow! Thanks for the very good support! I am a big fan of Infinite Passengers I love this app and I love how often you guys tend to update this app. You guys work rly hard and I appreciate this alot! Hope you stay with this positive rate!

Merry Christmas to you!


I have been using both IF Assistant and Passengers simultaneously for the last few months with all success. For some reason, my last 3 flights (2 from last night) and one right now, the IF PAX just disconnects without warning and if I toggle back in to it briefly it’ll reconnect. Then it’ll say “Connected but WRONG Airport” (I’m literally halfway between KORD and KDFW at FL390 going .85!!!

I’ll land and the report is awful. “Strobes not used” which is untrue, they’re on from pushback til shutdown. At wrong airport, eventhough I made no deviations and followed my Simbrief FP religiously. I’m going to try restarting my device after I land and see if it helps. Otherwise, it has been flawless and I use them both everyday just about.

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Actually, Strobe Lights are off until entering or crossing a runway. They are kept on during flight though. When you land and get off the runway, you turn off your strobe lights and Landing lights.

Here’s a tutorial here:

Sometimes that happens to me as well, but usually with longer hauls. I don’t mind it, but I do get frustrated when it happens on shorter flights. Keep in mind that IFpax is not supported by Infinite flight.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback and the info. I was more p’d that it said I failed to use them despite the fact they were on the whole time (even too long since I turned them on after pushback and just before taxi). Long hauls I’d expect it to be an issue but the short ones make it more frustrating. I just did a restart so hopefully it’ll work. I’ll do AA2358 (DFW-LAX) to see if it works. Thanks again.

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