Infinite Flight Connect Update Problems

Just downloaded the new update for infinite flight connect. I set up everything right but its a little bit laggy when I use my joystick.

Joystick: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro
Software: Both updated to the most current versions on my 6s+ and Macbook pro.


Mail LiveFlight at

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Yes I have the same problem, let me explain!

Basically the new version is extremely touchy so be careful. Move a joystick piece and it’ll register the first tap. This causes a lag on the game since its so very sensitive. Just let it sit, it is fine but it shows a laggy screen.

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Ok,thanks a lot, love the app but it’s hard to fly when it lags 😞

A new OS X version should be released on the App Store within the coming days… stay tuned.

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So I downloaded the new app from the app store today, and I still have the same problem. The app is extremely laggy and cannot keep up with my joystick movements. Sorry if I sounded rude, but its impossible to fly with the new update, the older one worked perfectly.

Go to LiveFlight Connect in the top menu, followed by Advanced Settings - under there there is a Toggle Packet Delay option - try playing with that to see if you can find any improvements.

Bear in mind that there is always going to be some form of delay when using this - it’s transmitting information across the network in real time, and there’s always the chance some of the packets take a while to arrive :)


Finally got it working perfectly again! Thanks for the help!

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