Infinite flight connect not working

Infinite flight connect is not working on my device. Neither I can track my flight on any of the tracking websites available. Nor I see active status of flying in my IF profile stats (a picture for the same has been attached below). Although I am flying from SBGL to SEQM on training server. Can anyone help me out with the same?
Device: Samsung Galaxy A51
Operating system: Android

Are you sure you are on the tracking pages on the right server?


Can you elaborate exactly what you mean by that?
Is the issue that you can’t see yourself on either LiveFlight or InfiniteX for example?

Yes, exactly


I looked on every tracking side for Infinite Flight. And yes indeed, I can’t find you anywhere? This could be a issue in the tracking sides itselfs, or it is a flight connect issue in Infinite Flight

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Are all the markers on the right top corner marked green? (In the app)
If you tap on it, you should see 4 different ones but all should be green.

Yes, everything marked with a green tick

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Last report our servers received from you was 9 minutes ago, which is too long.

And there’s 4 of them?

I didn’t leave the app. I have active connection since I begin the flight. All the 4 were tick marked with green since beginning.

Isn’t it your WiFi connection? Check if you are flying online…?

nvm, all those are green right?

Yeah, I am connected to Wi-fi. And all of them are tick marked with green since beginning

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Okay, I’m afraid i don’t have any good explanation right now.
From our perspective, you’ve not been online for the past 14 minutes.

If you’re able to trigger a Unicom connection or similar, it may “wake up”. Can’t say I’ve seen this before to be honest.

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The server did acknowledge your presence now (09:25Z) though, so you are good on our end.

Yeah, I sent a traffic advisory message right now on SBGL unicom.

Could you suggest me any solutions to the problem? Still I am unable to see myself on any of the tracking website. @schyllberg

I don’t think he know what is happening. I had this also one time, but that was due my WiFi connection.

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Not for the time being.
I might be able to have someone check who’s also got access to one of the 3rd party trackers data, but it’s too early hours for that.


Success! I disconnected wifi and switched on mobile data. Now, I can see myself on live flight. Thanks for the support @Noah_William @schyllberg .


Amazing! That’s a good sign. If you figure things out on your own you usually figure it out

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