Infinite Flight Connect Disconnects.

Whenever I use 3rd party apps that connect through IF connect, they always disconnect and sometimes won’t reconnect mid flight. Is there a way I can fix this problem?

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What device and O.S. (Operating System) do you have? And what 3rd party apps do you use that crash?

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I use the 2018 iPad Pro and I’m using Infinite Pax and Inflight Assisntant.

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For all Infinite Passengers needs, please check the thread above.

You can also P.M. @epaga for all In-Flight Assistant queries.

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If you are referring to LiveFlight Connect:

  1. Make sure you’re computer and phone/iPad are on the same network. If you have a range extender or something of that nature, it can cause issues.
  2. Close LiveFlight Connect and reopen it on your PC. Letting it reconnect on it’s own usually isn’t successful (for me at least)
  3. If you are still having issues, feel free to Private Message myself or Cameron (the developer of LiveFlight Connect).

I’m not talking about LiveFlight connect I’m talking about Infinite Flight Connect which is the thing that connects third party apps to IF. That feature itself is broken but for some reason someone moved this thread to the third party section and out of the support section. This has nothing to do with the development of third party apps it has to do with the development of an IF feature developed by IF. The infinite Flight API system to be exact.

@Cbro4 ^^^

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No matte rim deleting this thread and restarting in Support.

No need to do that, are you leaving the app (IF) while flying?

sometimes yes, could that have something to do with it?

Yes that will cause connection issues. I have used them both for years now so I know that this is something that can happen often if you are prone to leaving the flight at any point, from personal experience aswell.

Well there’s no winning then is there. 🙃 thanks for being the one helpful person on here tonight.

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No problem it was slightly confusing. Infinite Flight Connect isn’t ever really an issue so it got mistaken. Enjoy your night :)

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