Infinite Flight Connect Apps: Which do you know?

Hey there!

Which apps are you using with InfiniteFlight? Anything you can really recommend?

Happy Landings!

IF assist. IFPax preflightIF


IF assistant with all the additional purchases… pretty cool app!

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The only I know using connect are:
Infinite Passengers
In-flight assistant
Remote cockpit

All listed above, and Infinite Pilots. I haven’t forgotten about that one, even though it’s highly outdated now. :/

I actually liked that app too.

That uses the live API not connect :)

In-Flight Assistant by @epaga . He is also working on a truly revolutionary app called IF-Instruments (I think). Check it out here:Out NOW!! In-Flight Instruments (iOS): live instruments for your flight!


I would like a more advanced way to plan flights if you’re looking for something to make. Some things to add is a top climb and top of decent. just a notification would do. Also, s fuel calc simbreif is super complicated for most like if you agree. let me know your thoughts love your apps:)

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Here is the list of all known apps for if