Infinite Flight Connect API issues

Okay, this has been a problem that I’ve noticed a couple months back but I just haven’t got round to making a support topic about it.

So, one day I tried connecting with Infinite Passengers. It didn’t work. When I started Infinite Fight, it left me on the opening loading screen for about an hour until I gave up. I recently tried it as I’d like to connect with live flight but, like before, the issue occurred. I’ve restarted my tablet and I’ve uninstalled Infinite Flight but nothing works. I’ve even completed a factory reset.

My specs:

Hudl 2

2GB ram

CPU 1.83 GHz


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Does LF or IP connect? I assume not

Does IF start fine when you aren’t using a third party app, even with the IF Connect API switched on in settings?



It’s this button

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Just so this is clear-

When you have that button checked, Infinite Flight fails to start properly, or are you talking about LiveFlight?


Infinite flight fails to start

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I still don’t understand what dosen’t work.

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I just edited it. Check what I said now

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Can you check: If you have

this checkbox ticked but LiveFlight or Infinite Passengers not trying to connect, does it work?

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When It is ticked and infinite passenger is trying to connect, it doesn’t load

Yes, but have you tried when it is ticked but IP is not trying to connect?

It still doesn’t work. I tried it before

This in which case seems like some bug with the API system. I’m not an Android user myself so can’t test it but can anyone else on Android replicate this?

You’ll just have to go without until we can get a fix for this, or a solution is found.

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Alright. I’m hoping some developers will see this

The dev of Infinite Passenger’s was saying there are known global bugs on his app which will be fixed in a later update on his thread.

This started happening before the global update

This isn’t an issue on Infinite Pax’s side :)


Yes because even if I tick the API box things without IP installed, it still won’t work

Have you tried reinstalling both apps? don’t mess around with the Live flight connect setting either, leave it on at all times

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Yes. I’ve restarted both

I said have you tried to Reinstall

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