Infinite Flight Connect API [Developers]

… perhaps thrust setting (what percent its at)
and whether aircraft is currently on runway (as opposed to taxiing)

hi all.
is there anyway of getting what airport code the user is currently at?


hiya. Just found a bug in the API on Android.

The AirPlane.GetInfo command doesnt seem to work for the b737-700, the name comes back as null.
Most other planes are fine although ive not checked the full list.

also i noticed that if you change planes the API will still return the first plane, i.e. it doesnt update.

cc @Laura

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actually following on from my last post ive noticed it affects all planes. the api to get the aircraft name is very temperamental and returns null sometimes. its hard to find exact cause as its just temperamental.

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@Laura - still have issue with the API where AirPlane.GetInfo is providing airplane name as null sometimes. I notice it usually happens when users changes their aircraft instead of the API updating to the new airplane it just shows null. This is currently affecting infinite passengers app so if it could be fixed soon that would be appreciated.

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Now that I’ve been trying to get an Android version of IF-A up and running I’d be interested to know what you did to get it to work? I can open a Socket to but sending data there doesn’t do anything, nor does the Socket’s InputStream ever give me any data.

Kind of weird since I’m doing precisely the same stuff I do on iOS and it’s working great there. Are you doing anything special on Android, @Luqman_Hussain ?


Eureka! Finally got the connection working on Android! For anyone wondering - if you send a command that doesn’t actually fetch any return data, nothing will come back. Kind of obvious but I was stumped for quite a while.


That’s great to hear for the development of your android app for those that want it!


How to connect to blackbox?

I am experimenting a bit with the Connect API, but I don’t know exactly what to send to it. Is it a string like { “Command”: “Airplane.GetState”, “Parameters”: }, as is said in the documentation (GitHub - infiniteflight/infiniteflight-api: Infinite Flight API documentation and samples), or should it be something different?

Once you’ve established a TCP connection then yes it’s a string like the ones there

Regarding the TCP connection , we have to both send command and receive reply from infinite flight.
My question is do we have to make both server and client ? or is the infinite flight acting as the server ??

Hey @epaga Can You PLEASE help me setup the TCP connection with infinite flight . I’m totally stuck.
I’m sending Data back and forth from my android app’s client on a server I made and it works great , but when I send API calls to the infinite flight APP I don’t get anything back.

Can I use a mouse on iOS with the ATC?

Been playing with the Windows API - learned a lot from both the open source code examples available - LiveFlight Connect and IFCTest. Thank you very much!

Is there a way to toggle NAV off/on? I’d also like to toggle the no-smoking and seat belts lights, but I believe that is a wish list item. Is that the case?

Thanks for your help.

If you take a look at @Cameron ‘s open sourced LiveFlight Connect (Windows) you’ll notice that both the things you are talking about are included.

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I have the app and the code. I don’t see either in there, hence my questions.

There’s is a command for NAV mode (can’t remember off the top of my head right now - will get back to you on that), yet we don’t support signs via the Connect API at this time.

The NAV command won’t be in Connect, I haven’t updated it since it was added to Infinite Flight :)

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Wait LFC is open source?!? Oh thank the Lord! I need to change a few settings for my other flight setup.

Thanks @Cameron. I found Autopilot.SetApproachModeState in the IFCTest code. At this point I have only gotten it to turn NAV off (testing with B738). IFCTest referenced APPR instead of NAV however.