Infinite Flight Connect API [Developers]

Once you’ve established a TCP connection then yes it’s a string like the ones there

Regarding the TCP connection , we have to both send command and receive reply from infinite flight.
My question is do we have to make both server and client ? or is the infinite flight acting as the server ??

Hey @epaga Can You PLEASE help me setup the TCP connection with infinite flight . I’m totally stuck.
I’m sending Data back and forth from my android app’s client on a server I made and it works great , but when I send API calls to the infinite flight APP I don’t get anything back.

Can I use a mouse on iOS with the ATC?

Been playing with the Windows API - learned a lot from both the open source code examples available - LiveFlight Connect and IFCTest. Thank you very much!

Is there a way to toggle NAV off/on? I’d also like to toggle the no-smoking and seat belts lights, but I believe that is a wish list item. Is that the case?

Thanks for your help.

If you take a look at @Cameron ‘s open sourced LiveFlight Connect (Windows) you’ll notice that both the things you are talking about are included.

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I have the app and the code. I don’t see either in there, hence my questions.

There’s is a command for NAV mode (can’t remember off the top of my head right now - will get back to you on that), yet we don’t support signs via the Connect API at this time.

The NAV command won’t be in Connect, I haven’t updated it since it was added to Infinite Flight :)

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Wait LFC is open source?!? Oh thank the Lord! I need to change a few settings for my other flight setup.

Thanks @Cameron. I found Autopilot.SetApproachModeState in the IFCTest code. At this point I have only gotten it to turn NAV off (testing with B738). IFCTest referenced APPR instead of NAV however.


Thought you meant nav lights not mode, my bad

Indeed it is :) if you make any cool changes, feel free to make a pull request and I can push an update!


For sure. I just need to figure out github, as I haven’t programmed in a while.

Following up: Is Autopilot.SetApproachModeState supposed to turn off/on NAV? If so, is there a parameter I should be using? As I mentioned before I have only gotten it to turn off NAV. Based on the name, I assume it it more of an APPR toggle than a NAV toggle.


Hi Folks,

I’m late to testing the IF Connect API and have a few questions. Any help is highly appreciated.

My set up is - IF running on iPhone X (iOS) and Client running on Mac (OSX), Java 1.8 in eclipse.

My java client can hear UDP packets on 15000 and I am able to make a TCP connection to host port broadcasted by UDP packet.

However - when I send { “Command”: “Airplane.GetState”, “Parameters”: []} on the socket - I don’t get anything back. I tried a bunch of other commands and they don’t seem to work either.

Question: Are TCP connections in IF Connect limited to only C# and Objective C - and blocked for other platforms ? (I’m guessing not because TCP is platform independent)

Does anybody have a working Java client/code ?

Appreciate all the help.


@turbine_fuel Are you sending the JSON length ?

Voila! works now - thanks very much @Dragos

Is there anything for this on iOS?

are the UDP and TCP JSON packets encoded as utf8 or utf16?

answered: UTF8 (thankfully) for anyuone who was wondering

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