Infinite Flight Connect API [Developers]

If you’re not a developer, you might want to skip this post. Please don’t post questions about anything other than Infinite Flight Connect Development in this thread.


With this release of Infinite Flight, we’ve added a new experimental system called Infinite Flight Connect.

What is Infinite Flight Connect (IFC) ?

Infinite Flight Connect is a system that allows external applications to connect to Infinite Flight and control things like the autopilot, the joystick, Mouse, commands (flaps, gear, etc), get the state of the airplane, get the list of surrounding traffic, active ATC frequencies and more…

Do I have to be a developer to use it?

You have to be a developer to program applications to use the system but as a user, you can use applications published by developers. Just enable Infinite Flight Connect in the settings.

How can I find out more about the API?
We have an in house sample application that will be updated when new features regularly:

@carmalonso has recently open sourced his client that already uses IFC:

Is it available for iOS and Android?
Yes, both platforms have support for Infinite Flight Connect.

What kind of apps can we expect?

Here are some ideas I could think of, but the possibilities are endless!

  1. Moving Map (like ForeFlight)
  2. Navigation Aid (Helper for Top of Descent, weather, etc…)
  3. TCAS
  4. Traffic Viewer
  5. Sound engine (for Airbus alt callouts and whatnot…)
  6. Autopilot NAV Mode (by controlling the AP HDG)
  7. Extra ATC Display
  8. List of flying airplanes
  9. Friend finder
  10. Alternate Control Panel (Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator, etc…)
  11. Dedicated Instruments (Single Instrument per device)
  12. Physical Cockpit Elements (with a Raspberry Pi, or any other device that can handle buttons, displays…)
  13. Joystick Controller Adapter (with a Raspberry Pi that forwards joystick inputs to IFC)
  14. Checklist
  15. Auto Checklist (which could automatically extend gear when on final, or turn on strobes when take off clearance is received)
  16. Auto Heading/Altitude updater when an ATC instruction is received
  17. Virtual Airlines Reporting System (Blackbox, etc…)
  18. Flight Recorder (to KML or other format)

Note about LiveFlight Connect
This still needs a bit of work before I release an executable version. If you are a developer and wish to help out, check out the link Matt posted. There’s a Windows and Mac version, C# and Swift/Objective-C respectively :)


Not that I’m a developer, but just wanted to bring to your attention that the link Matt posted denies access to me & probably the majority of other users on this forum.

We’ll fix this tomorrow.


I’ll just move my post to General for the time being…

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Try now!

works now:)

Oh boy, got my idea! Time to start coding.


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This could really cause things to take off in a great direction! Excellent idea and excellent work providing this opportunity for the community to contribute. I will definitely be taking a look.

(Engineer who codes every day)

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Do you have to have the IFC window open??

Are you looking to use the Connect API to make applications? Contact Laura via PM and I’m sure she would be more than happy to get you get started with the API. :)

Maybe im missing something but i get connection refused on iOS when running the client against localhost port 10111.

Is that the correct host & port.

No- you need to listen for a UDP broadcast on port 15000, which contains IF’s IP address and port which you then open a TCP connection onto.

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I’d have to check if I bind to Local host, I think I might just bind to the Wireless device IP.

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You don’t have to do that - if you know the server (device running IF)'s IP address then you can connect straight to it. However, it’s not ideal when releasing an app to the public :)

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Looks like it binds to localhost too - @epaga?

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That’s correct. For In-Flight Assistant I just connect straight to and it works. No UDP listening required if you’re on the same device (or know the IP of the device you’re connecting to).


Thanks @epaga. i got it connecting now.

would be good if you could add SeatBelt boolean to Airplane.State model and landing lights boolean

And perhaps the Status model could show whether the user is in the simulation or just the menu, as the client starts has airplane state available even when you’re just on menu screen.