Infinite Flight Confessions

I did landed a 787-9 with full of cargos and passengers at KLAX runway without gear down and successfully soft touched it. And was shocked that I survived it lol and I was staying on that runway for 15 mins lol and everyone were climbing fast to avoid my aircraft during their take off.

I’m no stranger to LAX casual trolling in fighters. It’s fun.


people act like thats hard but it really isnt


Same here Ash, with the exception that one of my furry friends managed to frustrate @nicopizarro that evening on Los Angeles Radar. :(

We should do it together someday (whenever I get a subscription)!

I also don’t have a sub rn lol

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Ima be strait honest. I forget to turn my APU off from time to time. But that’s not bad. A few months ago, I was flying an Air France A319 (I think, it’s been a while) from London to Paris. I was set up for possibly the best approach I had ever done. Pulled up to land and it was a bit of a float. Slowly I set the plane down, but I felt as if the lander felt weird (I was in cockpit view.) I felt as if I had not control over the plane and the plane was riding really low. I stopped the plane and went into follow cam. Stupid me. I forgot to put my gear down.

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How do you land upside down?

We’ve all done it!🤣🤣

I once did some trolling by checking in at 60,0100 INTO THE CENTER. (The guy took my atc spot)

I requested “frequency change” it was denied lol

Okay, here’s a few embarrassing mistakes:

  1. Leaving to do something quick… during decent…. During a group flight….

  2. Doing some trolling on casual… or i thought it was casual.

  3. Oversleeping overnight flights… a lot.

  4. Always forgetting what side left and right downwind is.

Did you happen to see if they were a community member?

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@thenewpilot That pretty much sums up the casual server in a nutshell lol

Sounded like how I did my first ever infinite flight. At least I was on solo!

Happens to me 3249237857258383297523957238% of the time, so I always think “What side is which?” from the runway’s POV

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No comment. I don’t want to incriminate myself.

Left turns means a left pattern and right turns mean a right pattern fyi. That’s how I remember it

it helps also to look to the nearest Runway marking (right or left), when the Aircraft is arriving.

I kept spamming going around after takeoff since I thought that was for patterns, so I spammed it every second letting everyone know that im doing patterns.

This is actually embarrassing for an IFATC member but it was longggg ago ok